Medispenser™ medications pill box

For those who take medications on a regular basis, Medispenser™ medications pill box should be an ideal pill box to take along, helps keeping your medications on schedule no matter where you go. The Medispenser Pill Box is a pill box designed to organize your medicines, vitamins and dietary supplement, never miss a pill!

The Medispenser™ medications pill box is a plastic container made of food grade Polypropylene in six (6) multi-compartments, each compartment has its independent flip-open clear lids providing visual cues as to whether or not medications have already been taken by showing the remaining pills in the compartments, reducing the risk of taking medications repeatedly. The Medispenser™ medications pill box is portable container in its "open-face" design put in a "lock-and-seal" air tight locking system providing a moisture-free condition for your medications. Set of two each measures 3.5"(L) x 1.5"(H) x 2.75"(W) weighed 2.40 oz. in the assorted color of blue and white.

How it works!
The Medispenser™ is excellent for continuous monitoring of medication adherence. Dependable on your dosage as advised, sorting in prior your medications into daily or weekly doses and organize all the pills in the compartments of the Medispenser, follow the schedule for your medications. Its compact design makes it ease to slip into your pocket or purse. Enjoy your day!

Key Features:
•  Made of food grade plastic safe to use on pharmaceutical products
•  Compact design makes fits into pocket or purse
•  Moisture free medications storage
•  Organize pills orderly
•  Keep medications on schedule

Product Name: Medispenser™ medications pill box
SKU: 9160230101
Unit price: $29.95
For set of two units
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