DorrVakt™ Windows & Doors Alarm
This is a household alarm operated by three AG13/LR-44 alkaline batteries fits all types of windows and doors, easy to install using double-sided adhesive tape, just stick on it. This loud alarm can warn you of anyone close by when the door or window is opened, a simple and low cost way to protect your home from the risk of unwanted intrusion or burglarizing.
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InteracFone Inline Telephone Amplifier
Quite often you feel frustrated when voice is so faint on the phone that it is barely intelligible, you may want something to help making your phone conversations loud and clear... InteracFone inline telephone amplifier lets you hear better without straining when speaking with someone on the phone.
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SKU: 8305110101
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Perfect Air

Perfect Air ionic air purifier
The Perfect Air ionic air cleaner works on the principle of electrostatic attraction for bringing airborne pollutants to floor level, combining with a built-in UV lamp and a running fan; performs flow-thru air purification process by drawing contaminated air through the unit to allow UVC light of the built-in lamp start sanitize the air, then circulate into the room.
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SKU: 9500390101
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StarLite 21LEDs flashlight
StarLite 21LEDs flashlight is able to generate cold bright white light of 6000k, in 100,000 hours of lamp life, long enough before it is to replace, the LEDs bulb of the StarLite21 LED flashlight consumes lesser battery designed for hours of continuous use; very light in weight with rugged casing - virtually shockproof and indestructible, compact for carrying around anywhere.
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SKU: 6000630101
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