Return & Refund Policy

Browsing and making purchases on this Storefront ( are subject to our Terms and Conditions (the "Terms"), our Return & Refund Policy (the "Return/Refund Policy") and all applicable laws. By completing your order with us on this Storefront ( you accept without limitation or qualification, the "Return/Refund Policy" set forth herein below.

Purchases exceeding the allowable days of money back guarantee will not be accepted for return. For those purchases claimed to be "defective" are required to send back to us for evaluation prior to acceptance otherwise will only be accepted for return with a written test report.

Unless otherwise specified all products for sale on this StoreFront ( carry 30-day Money Back Guarantee. The 30-day shall mean a maximum of 30 days period from ship date. In planning to return the merchandise you purchased, you are required to send us a message in prior to the email address at for requesting a Return Merchandise Authorization Code (RMAC) to return your purchase.

Processing refund for you
You should feel free to return us anytime your purchase within the given days for full refund. No questions ask! However, you will need to pay for any shipping charges incurred from returning your purchase to us.
(1) Email us the particulars per below:
       (i) Your name: [as-is on your order placed with us]:
       (ii) Your current phone number:
       (iii) Your email address:
       (iv) Your billing address[as-is on your order placed with us]:
       (v) Your delivery address [as-is on your order placed with us]:
       (vi) The order ID of your purchase:
       (vii) The merchandise and quantity to be returned:
       (viii) Reasons for returning the merchandise if any [Optional]:
(2) Place the return merchandise in a shipping box; mark on the outer packing the Return Merchandise Authorization Code (RMAC) that provided by us.
(3) Ensure there are no other shipping or tracking labels attached to the package.
(4) Return the merchandise to the designated location we provided in our earlier email communication with you.
(5) Send us email to notify the relevant tracking number of your returning package.
(6) We shall refund in full to your credit card or PayPal account immediate after the returning merchandise is received from your end.

Return Merchandise Authorization Code
Return Merchandise Authorization Code (RMAC) is to help identify the package of your return merchandise on arrival, the given ID for returning your return merchandise. Although you are provided with the Return Merchandise Authorization Code (RMAC) for returning, you might want to take note that each Return Merchandise Authorization Code (RMAC) has a validity of 30 days from date issued. Do not send to us any package with an invalid or expired Return Merchandise Authorization Code (RMAC). You can always request for a newer Return Merchandise Authorization Code (RMAC).

Definition of full refund
We shall refund you the full amount of the merchandise you plan on to return; this will be the total price of the merchandise you paid and the relevant costs of shipping & handling. Notwithstanding refund will be made to you on your request for returning the merchandise, we shall not reimburse any other expense you might have paid for this transaction, such as tax & duties and customs clearance charges.

Type of merchandise not qualified for the 30-day Money Back Guarantee
For health reasons, we do not accept returns of expendable/consumable hygiene products such as hair remover tweezers, body scrubbing brushes, sporting bras, FIR wrist & hand flexion supporter, hair trimming devices, hearing amplifier soft ear-tips, neoprene heat therapy gloves, orthotic insoles and the alike. Besides, we shall not refund any merchandise that was shipped for “giveaway” as a gift or premium.

Shipping fee for returning the return merchandise
In sending the return merchandise to us the relevant shipping fee must be paid by you. We only accept return merchandise that shipped using Canada Post. If you went ahead shipped the return merchandise on freight collect by charging our account, we shall charge you back the actual shipping cost plus an administrative fee of $15.00. At any rate, you are not encouraged to send the return merchandise to us without having had paid shipping, this will further delay processing your refund as to additional administrative works involved.

Should you require further information to help filing your claim for refund, please feel free to contact our Customer Service.