Bionic Ear 2Plus

BionicEar 2Plus™ personal sound amplifier
This stylish device in turquoise color is most suitable for amplifying soft environmental sounds and distant weak voices. Indicated to use for listening to lectures with a distant speaker, hearing soft sounds that would be difficult for normal individuals to hear.
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SKU: 8307060101
Unit price: $33.50
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Bionic Ear 2Plus Premium

BionicEar 2Plus™ Premium personal sound amplifier
With its powerful audio amplification electronics the device is able to amplify sounds up to 45dB in the frequency range of 4 to 6 kHz; comes with an USB ear-pod and a 3.5mm audio jack stereo headphone delivers amplified sounds in absolute clarity into your ears.
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SKU: 8388260101
Unit price: $39.95
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