Bionic Ear 2Plus Premium personal sound amplifier

Bionic Ear 2Plus™ Premium Personal Sound Hearing Amplifier is stylish in a compact turquoise plastic case, weighs only 0.7 oz (without batteries installed). With its powerful audio amplification electronics the device is able to amplify sounds up to 45dB in the frequency range of 4 to 6 kHz most suitable for picking up soft and weak environmental sounds; absolutely an ideal ear hearing device for watching birds, listening to lectures with a distant speaker, and hearing soft sounds that would be difficult for normal individuals to hear. The Bionic Ear 2Plus™ Premium Personal Sound Hearing Amplifier is excellent to amplify sounds and voices surrounding you for carrying out normal day-to-day activities with fewer efforts. You may consider taking the device as an alternative for acoustic treatment in the attempt to make ringing in the ears far less noticeable. The entire device weighs only 0.7 oz in a compact plastic case of 2.70” x 2.0” x 0.5” comes with an independently continuous adjustable sound controller lets freely regulating the amplified sound volume at desire; a belt clip to fit on buckle or into pocket. For the delivery of high quality amplified sounds into the user’s ears the device comes with the USB Type-B to 3.5mm stereo audio jack converting cable along with a pair of the stereo audio earpods (ear buds) and an extra pair of the 3.5mm stereo audio headphone for your choice of sound output. The Bionic Ear 2Plus Premium Personal Sound Amplifier is battery operated by two triple-A batteries (sold separately).

To operate the unit, simply turn on the Bionic Ear 2Plus™ Premium personal sound amplifier, plug the pair of the USB Type-B stereo audio ear pods into your ear then tune to your desired volume that's it. Alternatively you may choose the Bionic Ear 2Plus™ Premium personal sound amplifier be connected with the USB-to-3.5mm converting cable (included in the package) for coupling between the 3.5mm stereo audio headphone. Enjoy it!

Key Features:

• USB Type-B to 3.5mm Converting Cable convenient to user upgrade for using any headphones with 3.5mm stereo audio jack
• Excellent for listening to soft and weak sounds in the distance; helps identify your own voice not to speaking too loud in the public
• Perfect for watching TV, listening in theater, lectures, worship services and simple conversations
• Able to react faster to sounds and signals to help increase personal security
• Choice of either wearing the stereo earpods or the 3.5mm stereo audio earphone

Bionic Ear 2Plus Premium personal sound amplifier
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