Perfect Nose & Ear hair trimmer

Perfect Nose & Ear hair trimmer is a quiet, comfortable and powerful motor driven handheld trimmer for removing unwanted hairs in your nose nice and clean, it works perfect for your ear too. Unlike those manually trimming scissors, this handheld device is battery operated by one double-A alkaline battery (sold separately) uses a rotary cutting system that the stainless steel circular blades are totally enclosed inside the guard on the tip of the trimmer avoid touching the nasal walls or ear canal while trimming, warrant no accidental cuts. The Perfect Nose & Ear hair trimmer is hypoallergenic, sharp and compact, light in weight absolutely great for home use and for those always on the go.

The Perfect Nose & Ear hair trimmer can safely remove unwanted hairs in seconds for a cleaner, neater appearance. The Perfect Nose & Ear hair trimmer is a portable gadget easy to maintain comes with a cleaning brush and a blade protective top helps keep it fresh for every use, definitely your ultimate choice of personal nose & ear grooming tool!

Key Features:
•   Rotary cutting system prevents nicks and cuts
•   Safe and effective nose hair trimming in seconds
•   No more painful hair pulling and twisting to clean your nose up
•   AA battery operated, simple to use and easy to maintain after using
•   Hypoallergenic no irritation, itching and pain

Product Name: Perfect Nose & Ear hairs trimmer
SKU: 9282320101
Unit price: $19.95
For set of one complete unit
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