InteracFone inline telephone amplifier

Quite often you feel frustrated when voice is so faint on the phone that it is barely intelligible, you may want something to help making your phone conversations loud and clear... InteracFone inline telephone amplifier lets you hear better without straining when speaking with someone on the phone. InteracFone inline telephone amplifier is a device capable to amplify any voices on incoming calls. The InteracFone inline telephone amplifier can be connected to your existing corded telephone in minutes, no extra wiring involved you can amplify any time the voices of your incoming calls. Absolutely the ideal telephone amplifier for the hearing impaired.

InteracFone inline telephone amplifier is an inline telephone amplifier can amplify sounds up to 20 decibels loud and clear on your corded telephone, compatible with almost all hearing aids. The InteracFone inline telephone amplifier is a desk-top unit comes with a push-button for answering phone calls in hands-free; featured with the bright flashing ringer LED indicator and loud ring tone for the alert of incoming phone calls, and an adjustable volume control to regulate amplified the loudness of voice on incoming call. You may have the choice of AA battery operated or by the AC adapter (UL certified) connecting to the wall outlet.

Key Features:
• Plug-and-play desktop unit works well with any regular telephone sets
• No need to replace your existing telephone set
• Hands-free desktop unit compatible with all hearing aids ideal for the hearing impaired individuals
• Bright flashing LED ringer indicator for the alert of incoming phone calls
• High/Low ringer volume control comes in handy for your choice

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