Trim2Cut pets hair trimmer

Want to keep your pet in clean and stylist shape! The Trim2Cut pets hair trimmer is for those who prefer doing hair stylish on their own for their pets. This gadget provides you the luxury of a professional look haircut at no extra costs or a casual touch up with very little efforts. The Trim2Cut pets hair trimmer comes with a blade that is replaceable excellent for doing hair cutting on cats, horses, dogs...

The Trim2Cut pets hair trimmer is handily manipulative, with a touch of the blade switch can position the blade either forward for a closer trim or backward for a lighter trim. You can trim to cut multiple hair styles with the Trim2Cut pets hair trimmer for your pets, at your fingertips like a pro. No worries of your pets getting annoyed by the noisy running motor while trimming. The Trim2Cut pets hair trimmer consists of a high grade stainless steel comb structure, English instructions sheet to follow and three (3) replacement blades, packed in white corrugated carton mail order box.

Key Features:
•   Trimmer made out of stainless steel rigid and rust proof, very durable
•   Manually operated by hand in silence, no noise of motor running
•   Light in weight, your hand wouldn't get stiff
•   Featured with adjustable and replaceable blades convenient for stylish shaping
•   Easy to maintain can be cleaned by soapy water

Product Name: Trim2Cut pets hair trimmer
SKU: 5901120101
Unit price: $29.95
For set of one complete unit
Plus shipping & handling

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