Perfect Air ionic air purifier

The Perfect Air ionic air purifier works on the principle of electrostatic attraction for bringing airborne pollutants to floor level, combining with a built-in UV lamp and a running fan; performs flow-thru air purification process by drawing contaminated air through the unit to allow UVC light of the built-in lamp start sanitize the air, then circulate into the room. Upon the air cleaning process activated, the unit will be in cycle continuously until turn off. The Perfect Air ionic air purifier is a portable ionic air cleaner refreshes air in any living areas indoor may be tactically placed in those key areas of the kitchen and/or family room where most contaminants accumulated.
The Perfect Air ionic air purifier is NOT of any Ozone (O3) dependent air cleaning devices. Ozone at its high concentration for use in occupied spaces can be hazardous from long hours exposed to it. For further information, you may want to visit either Web sites of Health Canada, or the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; otherwise, consult with your local EPA agency for more information.

Key Features:
• Capable to process large volume of air capable to provide you clean air in room size.
• Helps eliminating indoor airborne pollutants of animal dander, cigarette smoke, dust, fume, mold, pollen and the like.
• Able to clean up unpleasant odors produced from the fume of cooking that could rapidly develop into the entire house if not removed timely.

Product Name: Perfect Air ionic air purifier
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