VaktHome™ Windows & Doors Alarm

VaktHome™ Windows & Doors Alarm is A household alarm operated by three AG13/LR-44 alkaline batteries suitable for all types of windows and doors, easy to install using double-sided adhesive tape, just stick on it. This loud alarm can warn you of anyone close by when the door or window is opened, a simple and low cost way to protect your home from the risk of unwanted intrusion or burglarizing. Each alarm system comes with a complete do-it-yourself recommendations along with a detailed installation instructions. The VaktHome™ Windows & Doors Alarm does not require any professional skill set to install.

The alarm sound of VaktHome™ Windows & Doors Alarm serves as an efficacious deterrent to forestall burglars or thieves from entering your house; once the alarm system is triggered people in the surrounding area will hear or awaken from sleeping. There will absolutely not be any monthly service fees or hidden expense charged for having installed and using the VaktHome™ Windows & Doors Alarm system.

Besides, the VaktHome™ Windows & Doors Alarm is also a perfect idea for protecting display cabinets containing high value, harmful or sensitive items. Particularly useful for displaying items at a tradeshow or for those with children who are prone to open cupboards at home that they should not.

Key Features:

•   A self-adhesive wireless intruder alarm system protects your home from potential burglary risk; helps to increase your home security.
•   Battery operated with high output sirens of 120dB [750ft audible] suitable for almost all types of doors and windows, loud enough to warn anyone close by when the door/window is opened.
•   Selectable chime mode is available for setting up a zone fault be able to alert you when others coming thru.
•   Independent ON/OFF switch on each unit ensures you have control over the alarm system operating per your preference.
•   Great for single home, town home, apartment and/or dorm; available in a color range of white, dark and amber for different door/window allows you to personalize your home your way.

VaktHome™ Windows & Doors Alarm
SKU: 9180160101
Unit price: $29.95
For a set of four complete units
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