Return Policy

When planning to return the merchandise you purchased on this site or via mail order, you must firstly submit to us a claim in writing by email or regular mail for approval. Your claim should reach us within 30 days from ship-date, and will need to state in your submission a specific reason of returning the merchandise you bought from us. Your claim may be accepted at our sole discretion.

Notwithstanding refund will be made on approval of your claim, we shall not reimburse any expense you paid earlier for shipping & handling your purchase. Besides, your returning merchandise is subject to a restocking fee of $7.85 each item. Any purchase of principal item(s) supplemented with item(s) of special promotion, bonus offer, free gift and give-away are required to return together for refund. To allow timely process your claim, original packing and its contents should be returned in one single shipment. Returning merchandise should be returned within 30 days from the ship-date. We shall only take shipment for the returning merchandise with a pre-approved returning merchandise authorization code provided by our Customer Service. Any charges incurred from shipping your returning merchandise to us must be prepaid by you. Failing to comply with this pre-paid shipment requirement should expect additional administrative costs charged to your account.

We shall decline to accept claims when: (1) Your claim in writing reached us after the allowable 30 days as of the date merchandise shipped to you, (2) Delivery of your purchase turned out longer than expected, (3) The merchandise that supplied to you was on special promotion, bonus offer, a free gift or give-away to you, (4) Quality of the merchandise you received is not what you expected, though equal to or better than advertised, (5) Dissatisfaction as a result the merchandise that supplied to you does not serve your intended application, (6) Bias towards specific country of origin, or (7) Any claims going beyond the limits of reasonable, just or excessive.

For health reasons, we do not accept returns of expendable/consumable hygiene products such as hair remover tweezers, body scrubbing brushes, comfort bra, FIR wrist & hand flexion supporter, hair trimming devices, hearing amplifier soft ear-tips, neoprene heat therapy gloves, orthotic insoles and the alike. Regardless of use, replacement cost will be deducted from refund for items that mentioned herein.

Once your claim is approved, we shall notify you in writing by email on when and what to expect your refund. You will be advised a Returning Merchandise Authorization Code (RMAC) along with the notice. The Returning Merchandise Authorization Code (RMAC) that provided to you is required to refer to in sending us your returning merchandise. Any shipment of returning merchandise that sent to us for claim without a Returning Merchandise Authorization Code (RMAC) will be rejected. You should, therefore, make sure the Returning Merchandise Authorization Code (RMAC) that provided to you is clearly marked on the outer packing of your returning merchandise.

We shall advise you in our confirmation to where your returning merchandise may be forwarded.

Before you send to us your returning merchandise, you should make sure that the returning merchandise is not in used condition or been damaged due to misused. We shall withhold your claim if the returning merchandise on arrival proven not in resalable condition.

In sending your returning merchandise to us, all shipping charges must be paid by you. We only accept returning merchandise that either shipped using Canada Post or the U.S. Postal Service. When courier service is chosen other than Canada Post or the U.S. Postal Service in returning merchandise, we shall decline to accept the package of returning merchandise if we are charged by the carrier for any administrative fee and/or customs clearance expense. If you went ahead and shipped the returning merchandise on freight collect by charged on our account, we shall charge you back the actual shipping cost plus an administrative fee of $20.00. At any rate, you are not encouraged to send returning merchandise to us without having had paid shipping, this will further delay processing your claim as to additional administrative works involved.

If you paid for your purchase by means of credit card or using PayPAL, refund should be made to you thru your credit card company or PayPAL. You will, however, need to pay the administrative fees that charged by your credit card company or PayPAL in processing (1) payment of purchase at the time, and (2) payment of refund.

For payment of purchase using personal check or money order, we shall issue to you a check for refund. An administrative fee of $3.50 will be charged to your account.

Upon receipt of your returning merchandise and completion of inspection works, you will receive from us a summary of refund. We shall make payment of refund basing on the summary that issued to you, you should expect to receiving refund within six weeks, in many cases you will receive it more earlier.

Should you require further information to help complete your claim for refund, please feel free to contact our Customer Service.