Trim2Cut pets hair trimmer
Want to keep your pet in clean and stylist shape! The Trim2Cut pets hair trimmer is for those who prefer doing hair stylish on their own for their pets. This gadget provides you the luxury of a professional look haircut at no extra costs or a casual touch up with very little efforts.
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SKU: 5901120101
Unit price: $29.95
For a set of complete trimmer with accessories
Plus shipping & handling


DorrVakt™ Windows & Doors Alarm
This is a household alarm operated by three AG13/LR-44 alkaline batteries fits all types of windows and doors, easy to install using double-sided adhesive tape, just stick on it. This loud alarm can warn you of anyone close by when the door or window is opened, a simple and low cost way to protect your home from the risk of unwanted intrusion or burglarizing.
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SKU: 9180160101
Unit price: $29.95
For set of 4 complete units
Plus shipping & handling


HD Vision Wrap-Around UV shield spectacles
The HD Vision Wrap-Around is an amber-vision UV shield spectacles designed to reduce reflected glare from your surroundings while keeping a crystal clear vision, great for those who spend longer hours outdoor for skiing, biking, golfing and jogging, or lay back relax a bit under the sun on the beach, in your yard or patio.
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SKU: 8307170101
Unit price: $29.95
For one complete pair of spectacles
Plus shipping & handling

WristTech BPM

WrisTech™ BPM battery operated wristband blood pressure monitor
Small and portable, can be easily monitored; this compact digital monitor slips over the wrist like a watch and automatically inflates to the correct level. The large LCD screen displays automatically digital readout of the blood pressure and pulse upon a test completed. The device can memorize 99 historic blood pressure readings comes in handy for immediate reference.
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SKU: 8261620101
Unit price: $49.95
For set of one complete unit
Plus shipping & handling

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