Infini Ear® ITE

Infini Ear® ITE Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier
This microelectronic sound amplification device is a rechargeable in-the-ear hearing amplifier needs no replaceable batteries to operate. The Infini Ear® can be the alternative device for hearing faint conversations and distant sounds; ideal for church services, conventions and leisure activities such as bird watching and so forth.
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Klaro™ 430 Remote Control

Klaro™ 430 remote control hearing amplifier
The Klaro™ 430 Remote Control hearing amplifier is a first ever introduced hearing amplifier equipped with a pre-programmed wireless wrist-band remote controller [U.S. patent pending] for regulating amplified sound volume in the distance without touching the ear piece.
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SKU: 8392160101
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Lynx-310 BTE personal sound amplifier
Lynx-310 BTE personal sound amplifier is battery operated, accepts also the 13D zinc air rechargeable battery for repeatedly use without replacing battery; innovatively crafted for those who always wanting clarity hearing. This ear hearing amplifier is to amplify distant environmental sounds and weak voices, helps to accomplish daily living activities and
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Pallas™ 215 Rechargeable

Pallas™ 215 rechargeable hearing amplifier
The low cost Pallas™ 215 rechargeable hearing amplifier provides you behind-the-ear comfort; the evolution of the digital sound volume control ear hearing devices lets you hear loud and clearly people speaking in the distance and in public for you at an affordable price.
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SKU: 8372550101
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