Pallas™ 215 Rechargeable

Pallas™ 215 rechargeable hearing amplifier
The low cost Pallas™ 215 rechargeable hearing amplifier the evolution of the digitally operated sound volume control ear hearing devices lets you hear clearly what people speaking even in the distance and in public, reproduces clear sounds and voices for you at an affordable price.
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Klaro™ 430 Remote Control

Klaro™ 430 remote control hearing amplifier
The Klaro™ 430 Remote Control hearing amplifier is a first ever introduced hearing amplifier equipped with a pre-programmed wireless wrist-band remote controller [U.S. patent pending] for regulating amplified sound volume in the distance without touching the ear piece.
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Prosonic IIe

Prosonic IIe Personal Sound Amplifier
This is a transitional earpiece designed to enhance listening to soft sounds and weak voices in the distance, can dramatically increase the awareness of your surrounding for greater independence and security; in its Bluetooth headset casing design is battery operated by two pieces of the LR-44/AG-13 1.5V button cell batteries provide 5 days continuous operation.
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TellyHUB wireless headphone
Is an excitingly new wireless audio headset allows watching television, listening to the radio and music playback without disturbing surrounding people. The TellyHUB wireless headphone lets you wirelessly regulate the sound volume of the TV program you tuned into on any regular or HD television sets, or modulate your music playback on any multimedia devices.
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