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       StarLite LEDs flashlight  

Key features
The StarLite LED Flashlight is operated by 3x AAA batteries (sold separately), in solid aerospace grade aluminum of 3.0” long, 1.45“ front-end diameter, 1.25” rear-end diameter and weighed 4.0 oz only with a 21-LEDs lamp to project high intensity cold white beam of no lesser than 50 feet range; may be detected miles away by any forward-looking-infrared rescue devices for emergency search.

How it works!
Place the StarLite LED Flashlight in anywhere that is ease of access when needed. Set the flashlight on by turning the rear-end knob toward inside; as to blinking of the flashlight, simply press and release the rear rubber button of the unit. It is suggested to leave
batteries all the way in the
compartment to let the flashlight
be on its stand-by mode.


Great benefits .....
StarLite LED Flashlight a device produces cold bright white light of 6,000k, in 100,000 hours lamp life, long enough before it is to replace, unlike those regular flashlights of other made in incandescent bulb, the LEDs bulb of the Starlite LED Flashlight consumes lesser battery.

The StarLite Flashlights are designed for hours of continuous use; light in weight water resistant rugged casing - virtually shockproof and indestructible, compact to carrying around anywhere.

These days, you don’t want to keep replacing batteries for any flashlight that is dim like a candle. Go for StarLite, the LED flashlight of light emitting diode illumination technology which helps save batteries and yet providing you with10 folds brighter light than those of incandescent lamp.

SKU 600063
StarLite LEDs flashlight
Each unit in set of two pieces
Unit Price: $16.95
Plus shipping & handling
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