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       Salad Magic salad scissors and chopper  

Great benefits .....
The Salad Magic is a very handy salad scissors chopper, making preparation of culinary salad simple. The dual blade Salad Magic scissors chopper can neatly chop large varieties of ingredient in a mixing bowl and able to preserve juice and gravy that trickled from cut up food. Unlike other food choppers and dicers, Salad Magic salad scissors chopper never put your counter top into messy when chopping and dicing.

Salad Magic salad scissors chopper handles almost all kinds of fruits (peeled), nuts (blanched) and/or veggies (washed), cooked meat and/or seafood (deboned), whole soft and/or hard-boiled eggs (unshelled), for your choice of salad.

To keep salad staying fresh and crispy when on the run, the Salad Magic salad scissors chopper bundles for you the 2GO Salad Shaker as bonus offer. The 2GO Salad Shaker will only let dressing mix with the fresh salad in it by pressing the push-button dispenser as wish, shaking thoroughly before serve. That way your salad will never get aging.


Key features

The Salad Magic salad scissors chopper is the masterpiece catered for your salad preparation needs. It is a fine pair of rigid sharp dual-blade scissors chopper in stainless steel with comfort handles of ABS plastic providing firm grip in the chopping of food, comes with a child-proof safety-catch to prevent possible accidents from unwanted access of the scissors chopper. Dish wash is advised though, may be hand wash with warm soaped water.
The 2GO salad shaker is made of food grade polypropylene in two connecting compartments: The upper - a salad dressing dispenser cap with a push button; the lower - a container for freshly prepared green or mix salad. The 2GO Salad Shaker is dish wash proof.

How it works!
To prepare the amount of salad per your recipe, fill mixing bowl with ingredients, chop with the Salad Magic salad scissors chopper the ingredients to your size, add dressing to toss; your salad is ready for topping or garnish to serve.

For salad to go, chop salad with the Magic Salad salad scissors chopper in a mixing bowl. When done, put the freshly chopped salad in the lower part of the 2GO Salad Shaker. Prepare dressing per your favorite, fill up the dispenser cap on the upper part of the 2GO Salad Shaker. That’s it!

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